Greetings, readers:

Who can believe that it’s time for midterms already? We are buckling down here at Ooligan Press to make sure that We Belong in History is the success it deserves to be. We have submitted our galley proofs to be printed and expect them to arrive at our office any day now. While we’re waiting, our editorial staff is reviewing the manuscript one last time before we submit We Belong in History to be printed. Yes, printed. I have waited a long time to say that!

Since my last update, my team and I are still in the process of contacting the teachers of our William Stafford writing contest winners. We are touching base with them to find out if any of these students would like to lend a hand in promoting We Belong in History to their particular corner of Oregon. For us,  January 1, 2014 not only marks the start of a new year, but the publication of We Belong in History as part of the William Stafford centennial celebration. Look for this collection online and in stores in the near future, or reserve your copy today.

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