My family fled from the bitter cold winters the Midwest never fails to deliver. Home is now the Pacific Northwest, but if you’re not from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a short explanation you’ll need to construe: just “who is this Saint Nick?” and “what does he do?”

We hung our stockings; we were snug in our beds. Saint Nick slyly came by, but we didn’t lift our stiff heads. Saint Nicholas is remembered and honored December 6 for always providing necessary gifts. The story goes that when in need, Saint Nicholas would appear and toss bags—a good deed! Through the window bags flew with goodies and gold, right into the shoes or stockings with holes. They’d be hung by the fire, drying that night when good ol’ Saint Nicholas came by without sight. He’d slip in and slip out never to be caught for giving the gifts it was thought you could not. So be sure in the future, to leave your good shoes or stockings or socks—whatever you choose. Saint Nick might come by if you’re in need of a book. I hear he’s quite fond of the Ooligan nook.

Now a classic story, I’m sure you’ve all heard: “The Night Before Christmas” rings in our ears. But do you know each line or phrase or dashing reindeer?

How well do you actually know “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore?

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