Hello, friends, and welcome to the official home of the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Ricochet River as it makes its way from brilliant idea to beautiful book. We are proud to be working with Robin Cody to ensure that this book remains a vibrant reading experience for students and hope that this new edition will help bring Robin’s story to an even wider audience.

Over the years Ricochet River has been embraced by local Oregon schools. We want to celebrate this legacy. To that end, we’ve been working to develop new content that will enrich the reading experience. Robin, who was an educator himself for many years before turning to writing, has drawn on this history and a decade of experience talking to classrooms about Ricochet River to create a wonderful series of lesson plans; you’ll also find essays and interviews that reveal more about Robin’s personal connection to the story and explore Ricochet River‘s fascinating publication history. Lastly, we are very excited about the opportunity to explore the story we already know and love through some new lenses and place it within a wider cultural context. We’ll be presenting much of this material to local teachers whom Robin has worked with over the years, ensuring that the book will be as helpful to classrooms as it can be.

Though students all over the country will be starting summer vacation soon, we are already thinking ahead to the next school year. Over the past couple of weeks, our team has been scouring online databases for contacts in schools all over the Pacific Northwest. Though the book is set near Portland and certainly has local appeal, it speaks eloquently to the reality of small-town rural life and the universal struggles of growing up. This is a story that students from many states can relate to, and we are determined to reach out and share Ricochet River with as many students as possible. Finding contact info and sending emails isn’t necessarily the sexiest part of working for a small press, but it’s worth it to spread the word about our amazing books. Today the PNW—tomorrow the world!

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