Having a social media presence is more and more important for companies today. Consumers expect an online presence and often want to communicate with brands online. With so many platforms and a new topic trending every hour, social media can be overwhelming. Here are some things to avoid while establishing your presence online:

    1. Starting without a plan

Every good marketing campaign has a well-thought-out plan, and social media is no different. “You need to have predefined and measurable goals, and you need to create plans to attain those goals” (Rawat, 2017). Planning is important, but so is acting on your plans. Your Twitter is like a little snapshot of your company, and all of your tweets need to add up to a cohesive message. Without a plan, tweets or posts are less likely to be thought about in the context of the entire marketing plan. Consumers see posts, and they add to what they already know and think about a company, so controlling perception is necessary to your brand image.

    1. Addressing negative feedback too slowly or without considering the brand’s image

We have all seen times when a company hasn’t responded to negative feedback and it goes viral. Make sure to answer positive and negative feedback in a timely, professional manner while still planning a response that aligns with the message of your brand. Make sure to address the problem and offer a possible solution in your response. “Every comment a customer posts, whether positive or negative, presents an opportunity to communicate with the customer directly” (Kucheriavy, 2017).

Positive feedback is great, but negative feedback is where your company has a chance to shine. Making whatever situation that prompted the feedback right is almost more influential than an unremarkable experience. Most consumers will not post about their experience unless it is very good or very bad. Consumers want a seamless experience, but by taking an opportunity to create some goodwill, consumers will see your company in light of your response—good or bad.

    1. Not having an appropriate sense of humor.

People do not like accounts that just seem like a faceless AI controls them. Consumers like interacting with other humans, and often that is what is most memorable for them. Have you ever gone to one store over another because you know some of the employees? Have you gone to a longer checkout line simply because you like the cashier? Denny’s and Taco Bell are examples of Twitter accounts that have a sense of humor. They interact with consumers, and their interactions include humor where appropriate, which makes their accounts popular. Taco Bell promotes content related to specials, new menu items, etc., but they also infuse a sense of humor within their tweets. This makes consumers feel as if they are interacting with a person, which will give way to more responses.

    1. Only promoting your business, and no interaction.

Businesses that only promote specials or sales risk being overlooked. Consumers are in an advertisement-heavy world, and getting content to stand out is difficult. Consumers overlook ads almost automatically unless it pertains to them. “Social media is all about being sociable and communicating” (Rawat, 2017). Interaction is a great way to stand out, since your response shouldn’t simply be an ad. It should be genuine and consistent. This is where accounts like Denny’s and Taco Bell shine. Denny’s is well-known for its use of memes and humor in their interactions with consumers.

    1. Spamming

Marketing through social media is a delicate balance of posting regularly without spamming. Posts should be spaced out so as to remain a presence in feeds but not a huge portion of feeds. Live tweeting an event once in awhile is one thing, but constant spamming will mean consumers often unfollow accounts and/or ignore the content.

    1. Not tracking your results

This is the most important part of marketing campaigns. Measuring the impact of your social media activities will show your company what works for you. Your company is unique, and social media is a great place to highlight that through your brand message.

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