So much has happened since our last post about this book! In the intervening months, Eliot Treichel’s manuscript—A Series of Small Maneuvers—has become a real book.

Winter 2015 was devoted to developing and copyediting, and we got to watch the manuscript blossom into a full-fledged powerhouse of a young adult novel. In spring, we moved on to the design stage of the process—a difficult step, as we had so many wonderful covers to choose from that it was tough to pick just one. With the interior and exterior of the book designed and ready to rock ’n’ roll, we were delighted to receive our first physical ARCs at the end of June. A Series of Small Maneuvers is officially a book that exists in this world.

Once we had the physical book, our next step was proofreading and corrections—so we don’t go to print with any design snafus or typos. The team split the book into manageable sections and combed the final designed PDF for errors. Rereading a book you’ve already read cover-to-cover more than once, and doing it line-by-line (sometimes word-by-word) is a laborious and totally necessary step of the publishing process that ultimately pays off in a satisfying way.

Now, with proofreading corrections submitted, we’re redoubling our marketing efforts in the summer term. Our focus has shifted toward soliciting reviews and blurbs, submitting Small Maneuvers for consideration for local and national book awards, and planning readings and events for Treichel to attend—basically everything that will allow this book to exist in YOUR world.

Watch for Treichel’s appearances at your local book fairs and keep your eyes peeled for A Series of Small Maneuvers to hit shelves this fall. Until next time.

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