Spilling your guts is just exactly as charming as it sounds.
—Fran Lebowitz

Sorry, Fran. We think that spilling your guts is charming, and we plan to gush about Kait Heacock and Siblings and Other Disappointments constantly. Since unveiling the cover, we have been working hard to develop the marketing and social media plans and to support our interior designer, Leigh Thomas. A first year student, Leigh submitted gorgeous cover drafts for consideration and has been selected as next year’s Ooligan Press design manager. Her design carefully captures many of the key themes of Heacock’s collection:

The challenge with the interior was to represent the collection’s gritty undertones while still presenting a visually polished piece. Generous use of space helped reinforce the stories’ themes of loneliness, and stumbling upon a font that closely fit the aesthetic of the hand-lettered cover carried through the handmade Siblings tone. Adding in tiny huckleberry glyphs was just a bonus. (Leigh Thomas)

The interior design of a book must visually organize and present the guts of the work in a beautiful, readable format. As we celebrate the milestone of having the interior designed, it is also a great time to think about how we can most effectively spill our guts about the power of these short stories and Heacock’s amazing rising voice. Our social media and marketing goals are divided by our various phases of promotion: awareness, preorder, launch, and sustained sales.

With generosity of support we know the fans of Ooligan Press to possess, we know our readers will be just as jazzed about us spilling our guts about Siblings and Other Disappointments as we are.

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