Write to Publish 2017 happened February 4, 2017, another rainy Saturday in a month filled with rain. The inside of the conference, however, was bright and filled with eager-to-learn aspiring authors and local publishing professionals who generously spent the day sharing their collective expertise and experience.

Our wonderful attendees were engaged and enthusiastic, making the panels and workshops an invaluable, enlightening experience for everyone involved. Our always-popular “Pitch to a Professional” workshop during the lunch hour gave several attendees the chance to sit in the hot seat, so to speak, and present their ideas to active literary agents and publishers. This opportunity is first-come, first-served to our early registrants, so it’s very important for next year’s attendees to sign up early to take advantage of this program!

The Write to Publish team is very grateful to all of our speakers, donors, and vendors who helped make this conference so enjoyable for everyone. And a special thanks to Willamette Writers, our presenting sponsor; the Timberline Review, our poetry contest sponsor; and the Masters Review, our flash-fiction contest sponsor.

With the conference officially over, we’re now busy wrapping up behind the scenes, finalizing attendance numbers, and doing everything we can to prepare the next Write to Publish team (for what will surely be another successful year) as we begin to transition out of the press. Keep an eye on the Ooligan Press social media accounts and the Write to Publish website as we approach Write to Publish 2018!

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