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The Effect COVID-19 Has Had on Publishing

As we find ourselves still in the middle of the pandemic, it is hard not to think about what it was like before and how things have changed and how each individual has been affected, whether in their personal or professional lives. Businesses in different industries have had to change and adapt to keep going. However, unlike some industries, the publishing industry has actually seen growth amid the pandemic.


How & Why the “Great Resignation” has Affected the Publishing Industries

For people who are in, or about to step into, positions where they have hiring powers—we have to consider these perspectives before spouting out that, “no one wants to work these days.” Is it truly that no one wants to work, or is it that people want to receive the respect and remuneration that is warranted? Referring back to McGhee on this topic, she has stated since her departure from Tor that she loved her job, and the people she worked with, but ultimately felt that it was in her best interest to resign as the workload and pay were “untenable.” The burnout that nature of employment produces is inexcusable. For the future of the publishing industry, and the toll that the effects of The Great Resignation has had on it, changes need to be made.