At long last, the books have been printed and shipped. Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity is a finished product. This is an exciting moment in the process, but it hardly means the end of the project.

The books have left the printer, and their first stop is the warehouse. Once they are in the warehouse, Ingram Publishing Services (IPS) will begin the process of filling pre-sales orders. Sales reps for IPS have been presenting the book to book buyers for the last six months and taking pre-orders. Over the next few weeks, books will be shipped from the warehouse to fulfill those orders; this means that print copies of Untangling the Knot will be available at your local book retailer soon!

In other exciting news, during Ooligan Press’s Write to Publish conference on January 31st, two contributors to the collection, Sailor Holladay and Mel Wells, participated in the reading showcase, each reading from their Untangling the Knot essay. The reading, which included other local authors as well, was a big success. It was great to watch as the audience was exposed to a sample of the collection, and I am so glad that both authors were willing to participate.

Now that the book has been printed, the project team will continue the effort to build publicity about the book and to market it to as wide a readership as possible. It is amazing to think that after all of this time, the book is now out in the world.

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