Hello, everyone. I hope you’re having a good week. This will be the last Write to Publish post from the Melanie/Brandon management team. Thanks for spending time with us and reading our rambles about the project. We had a good time, and as exciting as it is for us to move on to other things, I know both Melanie and I will also have a hard time letting go (we like to be in control). But the great thing about how Ooligan works is that there are always new brains taking over to keep the ideas fresh and the press growing.

I will still be managing for another term, but I will be running a special project for the press. We occasionally do freelance work; in this case, we’ll be designing journals for the Mathematics Education and Society Conference. As described on their website, “[t]he MES 8 Conference is a forum for discussing the social, political, cultural, and ethical dimensions of mathematics education. The Conference aims to:

  • Bring together mathematics educators from around the world to disseminate research that explores these dimensions of mathematics education.
  • Discuss theoretical and methodological issues related to research of this type, to foster international co-operation in the area.
  • Develop a strong research community interested in these dimensions.”

This will be quite a change of gears for me, and a rare opportunity for Ooligan to work on an academic publishing project. This new project is already beginning, so as Melanie and I work on putting together a manual for Write to Publish, I’ll also be leading our group members in beginning the journal’s design.

I don’t know if you’ll hear from me again, but you’ll have a brand new Write to Publish team next term to start the journey all over again. I expect next year’s conference will be even better than this one, and even though I’ll have graduated by then, I plan to come back and attend. And this time I’ll actually be able to sit still and enjoy myself!

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