For the canonical and determined poet, publishing work can be an arduous and difficult undertaking. Due to the extensively competitive and fastidious nature of the poetry trade, publication stands as a recherché and illustrious accomplishment. As we live in a thriving technical era, online literary magazines, collections, catalogs, and idiosyncratic publications are becoming more and more relevant. Writers are able to submit work facilely and capriciously with the simple click of a button due to the accessibility of online publications. Moreover, writers are able to amply discover multitudes of internet literary publishers simply by searching the web, making the chances for their work to be seen exponentially higher than if they were limited to less practicable resources. Each literary journal or magazine accepts different mediums for their expositions. Contenders can submit artwork, fiction, nonfiction, essays, articles, and poetry depending on the decretum of the website they are submitting their work to.

For poetry, there are numerous possibilities to gain exposure, although the ultimate triumph of publication in an estimable collection remains a unique prize attained by a select few. Many online publishers accept a variety of literary content, but poets also have the opportunity to be a part of a compilation dedicated exclusively to poetry, which can be the more appealing option to those determinate and enraptured exclusively in the enterprise of poetry.

While there are a multitude of active online publications, many only accept submissions during particular times of the year, sometimes limited to only a month or two annually. Furthermore, publications determine limits on how many pieces an applicant is allowed to submit, limiting the poet even more in their chances of publication. Typical journals accept between three and five single-page poems total for each author to submit. Sometimes a small fee must also be paid in order to submit work. Conditions such as these are a definitive part of the online publication process, so while there may be a copious amount of magazines and journals publishing poetry, the opportunity to submit in the first place may be hard to come by. Many websites only release their publications once a year, so timing is an eminent part of the process. After submitting poetry, it typically takes up to six months to receive a response from the publication one submits to.

While online journals and magazines have made it easier for poets to gain exposure and release their work, the process can be quite daunting and trying. The most viable way to get a poem published is to be fervent and proactive, regularly researching and discovering viable publications at the right time.

You may be asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Here are a few examples of meritorious and innovative online poetry journals:

  1. The Shallow Ends
  2. Cotton Xenomorph
  3. Collective Unrest

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