Exciting news from the last few weeks—all that work we did soliciting reviews for The Ghosts Who Travel With Me is starting to pay off! We got a fantastic review from Mensah Demary at Four Culture.. It was thorough, thoughtful, and heartfelt, and he loved the book! He noted particularly how the themes in Ghosts are relatable to any lover of books and literature. This is one of my favorite themes of the book as well, and I was so glad to see someone write eloquently and beautifully about it.

The other big news around here right now is that we got a mention in Publisher’s Weekly! This is a HUGE deal. Publisher’s Weekly is the most important industry magazine in the publishing world, and a mention there means that a lot of industry people will hear about our book, including book buyers and distributors who will get The Ghosts Who Travel With Me on to bookstore shelves and into readers’ hands. The book was included in a list of new and promising travel writing, which is great—being on a list with other titles means people will see our book without having to search for it specifically. This is great news for Ghosts, and I hope there will be a lot more to come!

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