Hello all,

This week many little things were accomplished. We powered through many transcriptions that I personally loved listening to. Then we began developing the plan for the pitch video, which will feature our author speaking about the book, and began gathering preliminary information for the marketing plan. Most importantly, we began to delve into the realm of interactive ebooks, a major project for this book.

The interesting thing about digital publishing is that it can take so many different forms. For Mastersounds, we decided that we wanted to create an electronic version of the book that pushed the boundaries of paper. Our goal is to create something that will allow us to have text alongside videos and music. We also want to create an interactive map that provides a visual of the geography discussed in the book.

Currently, we are exploring a platform called Inkling that was released in 2012. So far, it seems like the best option for us as it’s user-friendly for students who are not experienced working digitally, and allows them to still have input.

Research is still being done on this platform, so look for a future blog that goes into more detail. Next time I will have updates on the development of the tour for Know Your City.

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