After much deliberation, we finally have a set title for Eliot’s new young adult novel. I’m thrilled to announce that A Series of Small Maneuvers will be released November 1, 2015. We all agreed that this title–pulled from a crucial scene in the book—-picks up on one of the main themes, and can be applied to Emma’s time on the river as well as after. The team just finished a line-level developmental edit on Eliot’s revised manuscript. The new title definitely helped shape some of the loose ends in the book, making it feel like it now has a strong, central focus.

As we wait for an updated manuscript, we turn our focus to marketing and promotion. The team has been hard at work brainstorming potential reviewers and blurbers. Eliot was extremely helpful in pointing out several possibilities. We’re lucky he has many connections in the outdoors and paddling worlds. As we begin thinking about contacting people, we are looking at young adult, adventure, and regional writers, as well as rafting experts or people with personal stories similar to our central character, Emma. The team has also been thinking of special collateral we can use when promoting the book later on.

However, we can’t get too far with collateral until we figure out what the book looks like, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. Several members of the press have stepped up with their design skills, coming up with some great preliminary ideas for the cover. We will continue workshopping the designs and will be making a final vote in early March.

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