Hello, everybody!

Welcome to summer term! As of July 1, 2014 The Wax Bullet War has been out for three months and we’re still going strong. Last term, we booked a lot of events for Sean throughout the summer with some going into the fall. Now, we are working hard to keep our momentum in order to make these events as successful as possible for Sean and withstand the temptation to spend the summer days reading in the sun.

Coming up, we have two readings: the first is at Last Word Books in Olympia on July 3, 2014, and on the heels of that is one being hosted by the South San Francisco Public Library on July 7, 2014. We’ve been spending our time researching and contacting the media outlets and veteran’s organizations in those cities. It’s a lot of work reaching out to all of these busy people, but as our publicity advisor instructed us last term: be assertive and professional, but above all, be bold! It hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

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