Write to Publish is happening on January 31, 2015—the end of this month. That means we have about three weeks left to prepare. Yikes! Honestly, though, these last three weeks are not as stressful as I imagined they would be. We’ve spent the last year preparing for this conference (almost 365 days for less than 24 hours. Crazy, right?), and the time and effort we’ve put in shows in the quality of programming we have, as well as the lack of stress at this point in the planning. I can’t wait for the conference—it’s going to be so much fun, especially the social afterward at Rogue Hall.

We have two new group members this term: Chris Thomas and Jordan Burgess. It can be really overwhelming coming in to Ooligan at any point in the year, because our publishing house never stops working, so every new student gets dropped into the middle of things. But Chris and Jordan have the added grace of being dropped in only a month before the conference! They both dived right in, though, and are a great help.

All bookfair tables have been reserved at this point. If you were interested in being a vendor at this year’s Write to Publish, I apologize, we have no more room. Next year, we will probably have to use a bigger vendor space to accommodate the amount of interest we’ve had. If you were interested in being a vendor this year and were unable to get in, please still send us an email letting us know and we’ll add you to the list of potential vendors to contact for next year.

The other thing to know is that our pitching sessions are filling up. We only have twenty-five spots left. Some publishers, like Forest Avenue Press, are almost filled. If you have purchased a ticket, but haven’t signed up for a time, please do so soon to make sure you have a space reserved. If you’ve been waiting to buy your ticket, I encourage you to do that now so that you have the chance to sit down with publishers and editors and pitch your material. Go hereto buy your tickets. This may be your last chance to sign up with publishers like Microcosm. I mean, they have a tattoo coloring book. How cool is that?

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