Hello, again! This term has flown by. I can’t believe it’s the end of November! Our team is doing a great job locking everything down for this event. We had a bit of a shake up in the beginning of this month: Katrina, one of our team members, had to drop the class, and Georgia Frances King, a panelist for Working with Freelance Editors, had to cancel. Thankfully, the rest of the team was able to take over Katrina’s work, and we found a replacement for King. Lisa Patterson of Patterson Proofreading is our new panelist for Working with Freelance Editors. We’re psyched she’s going to be part of this event!

Other than that, it’s been pretty smooth. We’ve been doing classroom visits at PSU, tabling, sending out another press release concerning the Pitch to a Professional event and the discounted tickets (more on that in a bit), and have even started to order some pretty awesome swag for our attendees to take home.

Our biggest announcement this time around is the discounted tickets. We’re having two different discounts: For the Author in Your Life and the Group Bundle. For the Author in Your Life a limited-time eighty-dollar ticket opening on November 27 and closing December 18, and the Group Bundle is a four-hundred-dollar ticket for up to five people, opening November 27 and closing January 1. Give the author in your life a wonderful one-day gift or grab some friends and come together!

We also secured a Meet & Greet location for after the conference. We’re hitting up Rogue Hall this year! We had such a lovely time at their bar after last year’s conference that we wanted to use their location once more. Plus, it’s literally right across the way from the Smith Memorial Student Union. We couldn’t be happier.

Overall, we’ve had a great month. Check back in December for another peek at our Write to Publish event!

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