The biggest piece of progress since the last update is that we finally have a full and complete manuscript. All of the essays have been type coded and compiled into one document, and that document is now in the capable hands of the interior designer. Now that the manuscript is finished, the project team can shift focus to other issues such as promoting the book and planning upcoming events.

The team has been busy, to be sure. Over the last couple of weeks, members of the project team have been preparing to contact people about possible blurbs for the book, as well as possible sources for reviews. We have also been building a list of awards for which the book might qualify. Each one of these projects contribute to the overall effort to spread the word about this exciting anthology.

Another major focus for the group has been creating a list of possible collateral items. This process is primarily about balance–balance between developing interesting products that people will want, representing the theme of the book, creating items that are easy to transport from one event to another, and being ever mindful of budgetary concerns. The purpose of providing collateral to people is to create a positive and memorable impression of the book.

The upcoming weeks will likely be even busier, so check back often to see more updates.

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