Well, the summer certainly flew by! As busy as the Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity team has been over the summer, this fall will be even more full of activity. The interior of the manuscript will be designed, and the cover copy will be written. These pieces will be combined, sent to the printers, and returned for proofreading. We will make a major marketing and publicity push to spread word about the title. The fall project team will be busy, to be sure.

In the next week or two, Carter Sickels is coming to campus to meet the project team. It will be good for the team to learn a little bit about the editor, and for Carter to connect with the team that will be working on producing the anthology.

During the early weeks of the quarter, the new team members will be focused on reading the manuscript and familiarizing themselves with the collection. Team members who have experience with Untangling the Knot will have the opportunity to review the changes that have taken place over the summer. One of the first priorities for the team will be the organization of goals for the term, including which projects each team member will work on and how progress will be tracked.

With so much happening in the coming weeks, stay tuned for updates!

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