Over the last few years my appreciation for audiobooks has increased exponentially, but I noticed that I only use one source to get my audiobooks and that source is Audible. Audible offers a monthly subscription, between $7.95 and $22.95, along with a credit system for purchasing certain titles. The lower fee allows for access to the Plus catalog only and the higher fees include an allotment of credits. The Plus catalog is a selection of titles that do not require a credit to listen. Any title outside of the Plus catalog is one credit. If you run out of credits there’s no need to panic, you can always buy three more in the app for $28.68 or $35.88 depending on your membership status.

While I’ve enjoyed Audible, I can’t help but feel I’ve fallen into the trap of a familiar app. There must be more out there. So, I decided to look into other audiobook sources to expand my library, and potentially, save some money. is a monthly subscription, $14.95, with a credit system. Each book is worth one credit and you can purchase more credits if you run out. They also have an option to join a “book club” for a credit per month. The book club is a curated list of titles that you can listen to unlimitedly for thirty days. Members enjoy the VIP catalog, a monthly selection of titles that you select one free audiobook from. offers sales on audiobooks that are available to members and non members alike.

Downpour is a monthly subscription, $12.99, with a credit system. Each book is worth one credit and additional credits are also $12.99. Downpour only offers one membership plan in an effort to cut down on confusion and make using them easier. is a monthly subscription, $14.99, with a credit system. Like the others it is one credit per book and you can purchase more credits if needed. Unlike the others, does credit bundles starting at two for $30 and ending at twenty-four for $360. You can also get thirty percent off “à la carte” purchases of audiobooks. When you set up your account, you choose a local bookstore to support and a portion of the proceeds will go to them!

Chirp is not a monthly subscription and they don’t mess around with credits. Chirp offers discounted audiobooks that you can download to your device or stream on their app. You only pay for the audiobook and you only sign up for the emails to let you know the deals.

Librivox is not a monthly subscription. Librivox only has public domain audiobooks and the narrators are volunteers. Which means all the audiobooks are free! Their catalog is not as robust as the others and does not offer contemporary titles but it is worth looking into.

Libby lets you check out audiobooks from your local library (if they use OverDrive). It is free to use but, like a library book, you are only borrowing your audiobook and have a limited time to listen.

You can also purchase audiobooks directly to your device at the Apple Store or Google Play.

This is a small list of audiobook sources outside of Audible but it does show that they are out there and are worth looking into!

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