We started this term off running with a title vote on the first day of classes. I want to say again a huge Thank You to everyone who contributed ideas to this process. We are very happy with the new title Rhythm in the Rain and are now beginning to think about a cover to match.

Over the course of one week the team looked up good and not-so-good cover examples from books published within the last three years. The goal for looking up comparative covers is to see what elements attract our eye and what elements simply do not fit with our book, even if they are used repeatedly on covers in the genre. Once this research is done, a design brief goes out to the members of Ooligan Press which provides a detailed description of the book, cover examples, and a list of specific elements the project team would like to see.

For the next few weeks the team is going to be focused on various aspects of marketing development. Primarily we are gathering a detailed contact list for our blurbs requests. With this title we are able to break out of the norm and connect with local musicians and jazz writers who are influential to the Pacific Northwest. We are also beginning to develop the sales kit materials and collateral, which will all have heavy influences of music and jazz genres.

Finally, this week are going to launch Ooligan’s first ever crowd-funding campaign. We are working on finishing the website this week, so keep an eye on your Facebook and Twitter feeds for the launch announcement!

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