Spring is here, finally, and the publication date for The Ghosts Who Travel with Me is creeping closer and closer! As I sat down to map out the work for the term, I realized that this is the end of the line—anything I hope to accomplish on this project is going to happen in the next two months, or not at all. Up until this point I’ve been a little more lackadaisical in my planning, using deadlines as anchor points and sort of playing it by ear otherwise. Right now though, I have the urge to schedule every last detail out week by week, just to make sure I don’t miss anything. There is still so much to be done—we’re going into proofreading next week, setting up and (more importantly) promoting events, hitting the accelerator on our social media efforts, and continuing to contact industry media. The finality of the deadline for all of this is really starting to hit me, but I feel confident that we’re on track. I’m incredibly thankful to have a team as diligent and dedicated as mine is, and I trust them completely to finish this term strong. The workload has ramped up as we wrap up all the loose ends, but it feels like a marathon—for the last few miles, the adrenaline and excitement to finish carries you through.

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