This week has been a busy one for The Ninth Day; we had our all-press cover vote on Monday! But…we can’t show you the cover yet. I know, I know, I’m sorry. It was voted in more as a concept rather than as a final product, so we will wait to unveil it until it’s completely done.

We also had a conference call with Ingram Publisher Services, our distributor, this Friday afternoon. Luckily, Abbey reminded McKenzie and me that the call was at 3 o’clock…Central Time. I definitely would’ve called in two hours late wondering where everyone was!

The conference call included seven people: McKenzie, Abbey, and me from Ooligan, and four Ingram employees, including Keith, who manages Ooligan’s account, and Gary, the Northwest sales representative.

McKenzie and I pitched The Ninth Day to the sales reps, explaining the plot and our marketing plans.  It was wonderful to hear that they enjoyed Blue Thread and were intrigued by the idea of a companion novel. They were also excited to hear that Ruth is still doing events for Blue Thread, even while in the midst of editing The Ninth Day, and that she is already starting to think about the marketing for The Ninth Day. We are incredibly lucky to have an author who is enthusiastic about pitching and participating in marketing ideas, making our job that much more fun. In the end, they didn’t have too many questions or suggestions for us, which we were assured means we did a good job.

On to collecting all our marketing ideas into a formal plan while finalizing the cover.

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