To those outside of publishing, a tip sheet might not sound like an exciting thing. But to a book project manager who is waiting to see her pet project in print, a tip sheet is something to love. It’s almost like an ultrasound image of an unborn baby; you can look at it and count your soon-to-be-born book’s pages, ooh and aah over its BISAC categories, and make sure its hook and pitch are developing fully. You can even see its pub date and count the days until you can hold it in your arms and caress its matte cover.

Okay, tip sheets might not make you that emotional. But they are useful for storing all of the pertinent information about a book project. These snapshots are used both internally, to help departments keep track of different press projects, and externally to help sell books by giving booksellers a sneak peek into the pages before they ever hit the printing press.

This week, Becky, Laura, and I are excited to say that we have worked with Ooligan’s marketing and editing departments to finalize the tip sheet for We Belong in History. With this milestone behind us, the idea of seeing students’ poetry and essays in print next to William Stafford’s works feels like a definite reality. I can’t wait!

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