So this week Ruth is in Istanbul doing research for her next book, and enjoying all the lovely bazaars. Back home we’ve had some very good things happening for T9D. Ruth’s book will once again have a chance at the PNBA awards, and we can thank Robyn in Sales for that. Yeah! Thank you Robyn! Also, Ruth will be going to Wordstock this year to promote her book, which will be great for marketing and sales.

We have received some requests from potential blurbers for a printed copy of T9D, so those will be mailed out really soon. Riley and Robyn are doing an awesome job with the exterior and interior design of the book. The interior design should be done very soon, and hopefully we will receive blurbs here soon to finalize the exterior. For the PMs of T9D, this week is a lot about waiting, but it will be worth it. We are hoping for rave reviews from our blurbers and that Ruth will just rock it at Wordstock, and we’re looking forward to her next installment in the Florrie series. So, yeah, lots of good things happening for T9D!

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