Since our last update in January, the project team for From Knowledge to Power: The Comprehensive Handbook to Climate Science and Advocacy has made immense developments with the book’s design elements and marketing components. We’re really proud of how far we’ve come with this book, and we’re eager to share it with the world. The book’s launch date, October 2021, is approaching quickly, and we could not be more excited.

We are happy to announce that the visuals for the book are complete and most of the interior has been laid out. For the book’s interior, our main focus was on keeping the visuals simple, while adding a splash of color to complement the aesthetics of the book. We hope that readers will appreciate the minimalist style coupled with the elaborate illustrations. We had a wonderful team design the visuals, and we’re very pleased with how they turned out. We want this book to be used as a tool to help guide and inform readers about climate change activism, and the visuals feed into this goal.

More recently, the project team has been focused on marketing outreach to climate change specialists. A few months ago, we compiled a list of distinguished scientists and climate change activists that might have an interest in the book. Our goal is to get in contact with professionals in the field of climate change who can further engage with the book and pass on its essential messages. While this is true with any book we work with, for this book in particular we want to emphasize the importance of climate change advocacy in the present times. We have also finished the book’s sales promotion video, which will be presented at an Ingram Publisher conference next week. The video features teasers of the book’s interior design and visuals, and highlights the optimism of the book.

For the next couple of months, we’ll be focusing on marketing outreach and social media promotion. The goal of our social media promotion is to convey the book’s positive message toward advocacy, while also highlighting national environmental dates to create awareness for climate change. Our social media posts will revolve around important international climate change awareness days such as World Environment Day, America Recycles Day, and Zero Emissions Day. The climate change awareness days that we chose coincide with the topics and themes of the book, since we are looking to draw parallels between the two. We are currently drafting social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we will begin posting on social media consistently as we draw closer to the publication date. When curating these posts, we are keeping our audience in mind to provide accessible content and language that’s easily shareable.

For our last update, press-wide we are in the process of passing over managerial roles across departments. Callie Brown, the current project manager, will be graduating from Ooligan this spring and I will be taking over the project until the book’s launch date. I’ve been working on this project team since last September and I’m so thrilled to see this book come to fruition.

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