Another season has passed for the 50 Hikes in the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests team, and the project feels ever more real to us. Since our last update, our talented design team has brought together the many elements of this book—the photographs, maps, illustrations, informational icons, and text—into a cohesive product.

Our advance reader copies (ARCs) are being printed and will soon be on their way; once they arrive, they’ll go straight out the door to reviewers, booksellers, bloggers, and others who may have an interest in our book—either to sell or feature on their respective platforms. We are confident our ARCs will be well received, setting the stage for the finished product’s success.

Our publication date of March 1, 2018, seems both far away and extremely close. It’s hard to imagine sipping cocktails at our launch event, yet it’s very easy to imagine the amount of work left to do. The most daunting task is the proofread. Given the book’s many authors and disparate elements, we will have to be especially meticulous as we ensure grammatical and factual accuracy. However, we have no shortage of eager and talented proofreaders to help make this book the best it can be.

As our pub date draws near, you can expect more 50 Hikes social media posts in your feed as we seek to spread our enthusiasm for this book to the general public. Fortunately, the beautiful Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests speak for themselves. We can’t wait for you to enjoy them with our handy guide nestled in your day pack.

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