The pace of the CALYX anthology has been ramping up this term. We have big plans for our book that we hope to see finalized by the end of the school year. Up first, a title! We have been getting more of the manuscript, and we are combing through it to find that certain word/phrase/idea that jumps out to help us encapsulate the book. What I’ve learned? Titles are hard! I mean, I never really liked to title my academic papers in college, but the pressure increases dramatically when you know the title will stick to something forever instead of going into the recycling bin after you get your grade back.

About a week after we finalize the title, we will be sending out the call for cover designers. This turnaround is pretty quick for an Ooligan book! There’s usually a slight delay between the two, but not this time. And while our amazing cover designers are working on ideas, the team will be continuing to work on getting the manuscript together, editing additional materials we are including, and making contact with our authors.

In the midst of all this, we (both Ooligan and CALYX) are planning very far ahead by sending a panel pitch to AWP for the launch event. Applications are due May 1st.

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