We are thrilled to introduce our newest project, authored by Ooligan alum Kait Heacock! Staffed entirely of seasoned Ooligan students, our group brings a diversity of skills and interests with a common passion for Heacock’s feminism and wit. With inspiration drawn from the loss of her brother, our author writes in gritty, accessible prose that illuminates the nuance and vulnerability of family ties.

I had the rare chance to see Heacock at a grungy, hip-as-hell Brooklyn reading in July. She lit up the room with an essay about struggling to do laundry after a breakup, told in equal parts hilarity and tragedy. Grabbing a drink with her after the reading at a goth, rocker bar was just the surreal cherry on top. Since acquiring the manuscript in the spring of 2015, we have enjoyed editing Siblings: Stories and the fruitful conversations about the Pacific Northwest, coming of age, and diversity in writing that have followed. There will doubtlessly be more conversations and rocker bars to come.

In the midst of a close-to-final round of copyediting, this project is starting to take shape as a compelling, heartfelt short story collection. Our team is also doing market research and setting the foundations for the strong design briefs and marketing plans to come. Keep your eyes out on Ooligan’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr for updates on Heacock’s brilliant work and our progress toward an October 2016 book launch!

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