We’re just a couple of weeks into summer term and so much has already happened! Sean had two very successful readings in Olympia, WA and South San Francisco, CA. The latter led to the opportunity to read again in November and an empty box of books, which was great news. This is my favorite part about what we can do for Sean– opening up the opportunity for him to meet more people and forge new connections. And to share his book with everyone, of course!

This week we’re taking the opportunity to do some more market research and outreach before we gear up for the next round-up of events, which consists of four readings in the first week of August. As The Wax Bullet War gets into more and more hands, we continue to try to capitalize on that and keep the momentum going! Sean does more than his part by working as hard as he does in the Portland community. Coming up for him is the culmination of a few projects, including the premier of The Canticle of the Black Madonna on September 4, 2014, and The Telling Project on September 10, 2014. Also, check out his latest teaching gig at LitReactor starting on August 25th!

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