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I’d like to introduce you to Mastersounds: A History of Jazz in the Pacific Northwest, one of Ooligan’s newest projects  This started as an in-house idea that developed into a full pitch during the winter and was acquired by the press in the beginning of spring.

The overall goal for this project is to create a narrative work that covers the history (people, places, and events) that shaped the jazz community in the Pacific Northwest. Along with this in depth history, the book will explore questions of sound, community, and lifestyle to better convey what makes the jazz scene in this area unique and why musicians are drawn to it.

The author, Lynn Darroch, is an expert of jazz in the area and is very excited to be working with Ooligan on this project. He is currently going strong with his research and is conducting interviews with major figures of the area to get a personal account of the community.

This week, the team is is going to continue to gather some preliminary information for the project such as the type of grants and awards that are out there for this type of book. They’ll also work on developing a plan to create a crowdfunding campaign and a web application that will hold a bunch of extra videos and music that cannot be added into a book format.

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