Ooligan Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of Three Sides Water from award-winning author Peter Donahue. Three Sides Water is a trilogy of short novels all set on the Olympic Peninsula in three different time periods. We are excited to work with Donahue on these stories, which have been five years in the making.

Peter Donahue is the author of the novels Clara and Merritt (Wordcraft of Oregon, 2010) and Madison House (Hawthorne Books, 2005) as well as the short story collection The Cornelius Arms (Missing Spoke Press, 2000). Madison House won the 2005 Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction.

He has also coedited two literary anthologies with John Trombold, Reading Seattle and Reading Portland, both published by the University of Washington Press. In Fall 2015, he published an abridged and annotated version of Seven Years on the Pacific Slope (Shafer Historical Museum) with coeditor Sheela McLean, a memoir by Mrs. Hugh Fraser about life in the Methow Valley between 1905 and 1912.

Since 2005, he has written the “Retrospective Review” column for Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History, published by the Washington State Historical Society. His many short stories and critical articles have appeared in such literary and scholarly journals as Connecticut Review, The South Carolina Review, Interim, Washington Square, Chiron Review, The Southern Quarterly, The Midwest Quarterly, and Writing on the Edge.

Michele Ford and her team will be working on this project, so look for their updates in the future!

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