Hello all,

We have some results from our networking! I am meeting this week with Marc Moscato, Executive Director of Know Your City, to go over how we might create a tour of the Portland area that follows the same themes of the book. I’m hoping that the tour could follow a timeline that shows the evolution of the jazz culture in Portland and perhaps the surrounding areas.

I have also contacted the film school at Portland State University to collaborate on the crowdfunding video which will introduce everyone to the author, Lynn, and the project in more detail. I went this route because all aspects about this project should be about community, much like the jazz culture is. I will be finalizing our call for a videographer and sending it to the film school early this week.

This week we will be adding to our list of people to contact about gifts for donations to the project, doing some more transcribing, and researching the possibilities for a web application to go with the book.

Until next week!

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