There are many reasons students choose to partake in study abroad programs, and here at PSU there are a ton of resources to help make that possible during normal times. Before the onset of COVID-19, students in the book publishing program were going to have the opportunity to study abroad in Germany beginning in 2020. Formerly, there was only the chance to expand our knowledge of book publishing on an international scale by participating in the summer term by traveling to Scotland, but the program has recently expanded its study abroad opportunities to allow students to spend a quarter taking classes at Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart.

Speaking with Dr. Rachel Noorda, Director of Publishing in our program, offered further insight into how this opportunity came about. “I had been looking for more opportunities for our book publishing students to experience book publishing abroad when I received an email from someone at the office of the Baden-Wurttemberg exchange with Oregon.” Dr. Noorda then traveled to visit and present at Hochschule der Medien in November 2019 to check it out and was impressed by all they had to offer.

Classes offered (and taught in English) range from Rights & Licenses, Binding and Finishing, Entrepreneurship, and much more. Being only two hours away from Frankfurt, this program will also offer the exciting chance to attend future iterations of the Frankfurt Book Fair. According to their website, the book fair is “the world’s most important fair for the print and digital content business, as well as an outstanding social and cultural event.”

Whenever it becomes safe to travel again, this will be an amazing opportunity for students within our program, especially because of the benefits of studying abroad. The following are some statistics from the University of California, Merced. 97 percent of students who studied abroad find employment within twelve months of graduating. Compared to students who did not at 49 percent, the numbers mean the likelihood is almost double. Students who study abroad are likely to earn 25 percent higher starting salaries, and 59 percent of employers say studying abroad is seen as valuable to their organizations. But it’s not all about your future career. Students who studied abroad claim that they feel an increase in self-confidence and a greater tolerance for ambiguity.

Although COVID-19 has made international travel and study abroad impossible for now, we look forward to a future where book publishing students are able to participate in this incredible program. There is so much value in traveling and experiencing cultures other than our own. Not only can it help you in your future career, but it can help you grow as an individual. Check out the links above to learn more about studying abroad and this specific opportunity, and stay tuned for updates on when the program will be offered again.

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