Greetings, readers:

The second week of school has come and we here at Ooligan Press are pushing through our sales and promotions materials to ensure that We Belong in History will reach the community. We know that teachers, students, lovers of good poetry, and William Stafford aficionados of all ages are already knocking at our door to reserve their copy, but why can’t that come with something a little extra? We are brainstorming possible collateral ideas which will not only generate discussion surrounding William Stafford’s legacy, but also channel the energy of our young poets who are just beginning their careers.

Since my last update, my team and I have prepared the interior design for submission to our editing team. While this group reviews the final product, we will be sending out requests for galleys to our publishing partners. This week, we will also be working on writing the review requests to be sent to media outlets.

I would like to extend my thanks to the good people at the Oregon Council for the Teachers of English for allowing us to attend their convention last weekend. We spoke to many middle and high school teachers and were pleased with the excitement We Belong in History is generating. Keep a look out for us at the national event—we can’t wait to share this project with you.

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