Hello again, everyone.

There has been a great deal of activity with the Untangling the Knot manuscript over the last few weeks. Nearly all of the final edits on the individual pieces are complete. The project team has been hard at work type coding each of the pieces that are finished, a process which makes the manuscript universal for multiple types of software and will ultimately ready the manuscript for the interior designer.

Given the progress toward a full and complete manuscript, we sent out a call for an interior designer last week. This call was sent to all members of Ooligan Press, and any member of the press is eligible to apply. The individual will be selected based on their qualifications, and they will be responsible for the layout and format of the final anthology. This is an exciting step—we are talking about how the finished book will appear when it is printed.

The other major focus for the project team has been development of self-marketing kits. Since the anthology includes the work of twenty-six individuals that are spread throughout the country (and one in Canada), it will not be possible to isolate the marketing campaign to one region. The majority of the contributors are from the Pacific Northwest, meaning that Ooligan will be able to lend time and a physical presence to help spread word about the book and the local contributors. For those who live elsewhere, we are developing individual kits that will aid them to utilize resources that are within their specific regions. The kits also include information about the relevance of social media and how critical use of certain platforms can be to raise awareness of new titles.

Over the next few weeks, the rest of the manuscript will be type coded and, once in final form, will be sent to the interior designer, who will begin the task of creating a format for the anthology. Early blurb requests will be going out as well—more on that next time.

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