Hello all,

Over the last few weeks the team has been working away on developing a contact list of media and places that we could collaborate with to promote the project. While we at Ooligan do have a general list of people and places we contact for each title, every project has a unique theme and feel that requires some thinking out of the box.

In the case of Mastersounds, we have to look beyond the print and online media for nonfiction titles and more into where the readers spend their time. We have added jazz clubs, famous hotels, festivals, musicians, and more to our contact list and it is still growing.

We also use this list to promote other important events in the jazz community. Most recently, the Portland State University Jazz Series has kicked off and Chad McCullough (trumpet) will be performing live in Lincoln Hall, RM 47, from 5-7 pm. Stop by to hear some great music!

Work continues on developing a city tour and I will update everyone on where the team is with that next time.

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