Shortly after Valentine’s Day, Ruth returned her revised manuscript to our team, and we got started on line-level developmental editing. This go-around of editing basically involves no major changes or alterations, and it is instead focused on making Ruth’s manuscript the best version of itself. Because she’s chosen to take on the issue of diverse representation in YA novels, creating a young heroine we don’t often see in a realistic world that includes a broad range of experiences with race, class, and gender, this round is particularly important. We’re all working to ensure that the final draft captures the real-world qualities it aims for without relying on stereotypes or clichéd expectations.

Another important aspect we focused on in this round of editing is the book’s near-future setting. What might Portland look like in forty-two years? Our team worked to extrapolate their own lives to fine-tune Ruth’s delightful juxtaposition of the familiar things we take for granted and the unexpected new developments the future could hold.

As we segue into spring term, we’ll send out the cover design brief to Ooligan students. This document details the size and genre expectations of the final book, and it provides a synopsis and some comparative covers. Students interested in book cover design are invited to submit their ideas, which we’ll workshop and eventually turn into final submissions for an executive vote. Cover designs aren’t just limited to experienced designers either—in the first round, everyone is welcome to submit their ideas.

We eagerly await the return of the final draft and the cover design submissions, and we’ll see you next month!

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